A Summer at Prosperly

Anshul Kamath | August 26, 2020 | 2 min read


Interning at Prosperly this summer was one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional life. As a rising sophomore, I did not have a lot of experience in writing production level code. I had no clue how to ping an HTTP endpoint, access a database, or make a command-line interface (CLI). I didn't even know what these tasks entailed, and this made the responsibilities seem daunting. But with a patient and supportive mentor, I was able to slowly chip away at these tasks and finish with several projects that I felt proud to have created.

To be completely honest, the ride wasn't always smooth; there were many frustrating growing pains as I constantly refactored my code. But those growing pains are what made my final iterations of my work so much more elegant than my first. After each sprint, concepts that seemed foreign only a few weeks prior started to form into cohesive, well-defined code and knowledge. The skills that I learned were also incredibly transferable, and I used my new understanding of backend development to start building my app with my friend!

At Prosperly, I have learned many hard and soft skills that I would not have picked up in a classroom. To name a few of my takeaways, I now know how to

  • Use various APIs
  • Design logical databases with scalability and readability in mind
  • Perform high-quality code reviews
  • Create multiple types of tests
  • Produce a command-line interface (CLI)
  • Prioritize readable, clean code

However, the most valuable thing I got to experience involved being stuck "in the deep end." Many of my projects required a great deal of research to familiarize myself with the concepts at hand. This research eventually gave me a foundational understanding of those concepts, which I then applied to my work. Each of my projects incrementally increased in difficulty, so I was never overwhelmed, but I always felt engaged.

Overall, my experience at Prosperly this summer was incredible. It has given me a newfound appreciation for software development, and it has reinvigorated my love for the field. I would sincerely like to say, "Thank you!" to the team at Prosperly for making this uncertain summer so memorable.


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